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The Library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a meeting of the directors and branch secretaries of the new semester

The Library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a meeting of the directors and branch secretaries of the new semester

Release time: 2021-09-10

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Article author: Gao Jun

On the afternoon of September 9, the library (cultural heritage department) held a new semester department director meeting and branch secretary meeting in the conference room on the seventh floor. All library leaders, department directors and branch secretaries attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the director (minister) Ni Feng .

At the meeting, Zhu Shigui, secretary of the Party branch, conveyed to everyone the spirit of the seventh (expanded) meeting of the 12th Committee of the school, and deployed the work plan of the Party branch for the new semester. She asked all librarians to strengthen their political direction and build an organizational style. , Keep the bottom line of safety, promote service and education, strengthen cultural construction and other aspects to strictly demand self, and take the road to rush to the exam.

Subsequently, the directors of each department exchanged their work plans for the current semester. Ni Feng commented on the speeches of the directors of each department, and combined with the key tasks of the school, pointed out that the library (cultural heritage department) should be used in the revision of school development history, agricultural economics and biological gardening. Focus on key points such as the Centennial Symposium on the Establishment of the Department and the construction of new campus venues. He asked everyone to establish historical awareness and strengthen their mission; take the road to rushing to the exam, to do a good job of rushing to the exam, with the spirit of rushing to the exam, especially to grasp the historical initiative in the construction of the new campus library, so that success is not necessary. In me, success must have me.

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