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The new campus biological herbarium working group makes a special report to the leaders of the school in charge

The new campus biological herbarium working group makes a special report to the leaders of the school in charge

Release time: 2021-09-03

Source of the article: Ministry of Agricultural Heritage

Author of the article:

On the afternoon of September 2, the special discussion meeting on the design plan of the biological specimen museum in the exhibition hall of the new campus was held in the library 705 meeting room. Professor Dong Weichun, Vice President of Nanjing Agricultural University was invited to attend the meeting, chaired by Ni Feng, Director (Minister) of Library (Cultural Heritage Department), Professor Kang Min, Deputy Director (Vice Minister) of Library (Cultural Heritage Department), and Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office Professor Wu Zhen, Professor Ma Haitian, Associate Dean of the Academy of Science, Professor Wang Qingya of the Academy of Biological Sciences, relevant staff of the Agricultural Heritage Department of the Library (Cultural Heritage Department), heads of design companies and plan designers attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the design company made a detailed report on the third draft of the design plan for the biological herbarium. After listening to the report carefully, Dong Weichun said: In the process of designing the biological herbarium, the design unit must closely follow the function positioning of the museum (to undertake teaching, specimen collection, exhibition, science popularization, etc.), to demonstrate the disciplinary advantages of Nanjing Agricultural University, and according to The collection space is equipped with modern technology and the combination of virtual and real, bringing a sense of science and technology and vision to visitors. Ni Feng pointed out: In the process of design, design companies should always position themselves as "explainers" or "visitors" to think about design plans. Only pavilions made with such a design plan will truly attract visitors. .

Subsequently, the meeting entered the discussion stage of the expert group. The participating experts put forward many targeted opinions and suggestions on the third draft of the design plan from the selection of exhibits, the determination of the location of the exhibits, and the technical means of exhibition.

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