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[Clarivate Analytics Product Update] New Upgrade of Web of Science_JCR Heavy Update and Release

[Clarivate Analytics Product Update] New Upgrade of Web of Science_JCR Heavy Update and Release

Release time: 2021-07-09

Source of the article: Reference Department

Author of the article: Zhang Bin

Recently , the products of the Web of Science platform have ushered in a lot of updates. In addition to the user interface becoming more concise and beautiful, the new platform also introduces some new functions.

2021 Nian 7 Yue 7 start date, the new version of Web of Science platform will serve as the default login page is open to users worldwide. When you access Web of Science within the authorized IP address range , you will directly enter the home page of the new platform. At the same time, the old version of Web of Science will run synchronously until the end of 2021 , and you can still use the "Product" menu button in the upper right corner of the new platform to jump back to the old version for access. Throughout 2021 , Clarivate Analytics will continue to provide users with "dual-platform" access rights and continue to improve the functions and experience of the new version of Web of Science . For details, please refer to:

New features include:

1. Smarter author search

2. The new author influence beam diagram

3. Article recommendation

4. In- depth analysis of cited references

Welcome to scan the QR code in the picture below to register to participate in the online training of "New Web of Science Added Feature Introduction and Application".

At the same time, last week, in February 21st , JCR also presented you with a brand-new user interface and launched a new metric to measure the citation influence of journals’recent publications. JCI , JCI and the well-known journal impact factor JIF There is a big difference. For more information about the newly released JCR and newly launched indicators this year , you can click: and

We will support you in dual access to the new and old platforms, and continue until the end of this year. Users who are more accustomed to using the old version can continue to access the old platform, but the new journal content from A&HCI and ESCI will not be included in the old platform, and users will not be able to obtain the newly launched "Journal Citation Index" on the old platform .

If you want to quickly learn about the 2021 JCR update, you can click on the following short video link: , it only takes 6 minutes to easily grasp the JCR update this year .

If you are interested in the functions of the new version of WOS and JCR , welcome to discuss them together. If you still have some questions about using the new version of WOS and JCR , you can call the technical support number 400 8822 031 or write an email to the technical support department

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