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The library went to Dongtai to investigate the construction of the farmhouse bookstore

The library went to Dongtai to investigate the construction of the farmhouse bookstore

Published: 2021-04-06

Article Source: reader service department

author of the article: Ren Huamei

4 Yue 1 Ri Zhi 2 days, the library reader service department Tongyun Juan and his party of 4 people were rushed to Dongtai Farm House building research, Dongtai, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology mayor warmly received research group visits.

The research team was warmly received by the Dongtai delegation and relevant local leaders. They conducted field investigations on the "Nongjia Bookstore", "Village History Museum", "Party History Education Base", and the "Nongjia Bookstore" in Dongli Village, Gangang Village, Wulie Town. The city’s "Dongting Study Room" and " 24- hour self-service book bar". The construction of Wulie Town’s farmhouse bookstore is a typical representative of Dongtai City. Its books are purchased and managed by the Dongtai City Library. The village committee and party-mass service center carry out daily maintenance and related reading promotion work. Most of the activities are integrated with the local culture. , Rudongli Village’s reading contest is organically combined with the local agricultural characteristic“rice field painting”, which fully promotes the local agricultural characteristic resources; the small“self-help book bar”has realized the convenient self-service borrowing service, and the collection of books in the book bar covers“children There are more than 10,000 volumes of audiobook resources in paper and electronic editions, such as "Stories", "History", and "Party Building". The survey also contacted the relevant person in charge of the farmhouse bookstore to prepare for the practice activities of the farmhouse bookstore for the students from East Taiwan of our school during the winter and summer vacations.

The farmer’s bookstore research activity received strong support from the leaders of the library, and the team members also expressed that the trip has been very rewarding. After serious on-site investigation and inspection, the team members conducted detailed exchanges and discussions, summarized the construction of the farmhouse bookstore in Dongtai City, and on the basis of the summary, the future "farmer bookhouse ambassador in action" activities of our school were carried out. The detailed assumptions have made full preparations for our school's reading activities to enter the community.

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