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Our school held a special seminar on the design of the specimen museum in the exhibition hall of the Jiangbei campus

Our school held a special seminar on the design of the specimen museum in the exhibition hall of the Jiangbei campus

Published: 01/28/2021-

Article Source: Agricultural Heritage


1 afternoon of January 27, Jiangbei Nanjing Agricultural University campus Exhibition winning museum design workshops held in administrative A613 floor conference room, the meeting was chaired by Vice-Chancellor Professor Dongwei Chun, Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage), Jiangbei construction of new campus headquarters Leaders from the Office of Academic Affairs, Graduate School, Research Institute, and related colleges attended the meeting.

First of all, Dong Weichun gave a brief introduction to the construction progress of the Jiangbei New Campus, and explained the topics discussed in this meeting: First, relevant departments and colleges put forward opinions and suggestions on the construction layout and functional design of the specimen library. The second is the way in which each college participates and what resources it can provide, and the third is the organization of work. Dong Weichun put forward requirements for the construction of the herbarium. He said that the construction of the new campus requires a large layout and the consciousness of a first-class university. The herbarium should be multi-functional, not only a collection site for specimens, but also a place for teaching and popular science. The base of China should make full use of such a site, use new scientific and technological means, and combine the virtual with reality. Not only can it see the path of biological evolution, but also the major discoveries in life sciences.

Subsequently, the director (director) of the library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) Ni Feng gave a detailed introduction to the preliminary work related to the construction of the herbarium, including the location of the herbarium, the design of the museum, the layout and area ofthe exhibition hall, etc.

Then, the leaders of relevant departments and colleges participating in the meeting put forward suggestions on the design, construction and function of the herbarium.

After discussion, the meeting determined that the library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) would take the lead, and the library, the Academic Affairs Office, the Scientific Research Institute, and the Academy of Biological Sciences would each send an expert to set up a "four-member group for the conceptual design of the herbarium" to design a conceptual The framework and design must not only reflect the characteristics of agricultural biology of the herbarium, but also give full play to its science and general education functions, use modern sound and light technology, etc., to combine virtual and physical objects to tell life science stories.

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