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The school history editing team held the third meeting

The school history editing team held the third meeting

Published: 01/27/2021-

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On the afternoon of January 27, the school history editing team held its third meeting in A613, Administration Building. Wang Chunchun, deputy secretary of the school party committee, Dong Weichun, vice president, and the heads of each sub-volume of the editing working group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the person in charge of "The History of Nanjing Agricultural University (1902-2022)", "Characters of Nanjing Agricultural University" and "Illustration of Nannong" (a concise reading of the history of Nanjing Agricultural University) reported on the outline of the preparation, the recent preparation plan, Writing difficulties and problems.

Dong Weichun presided over the meeting and pointed out that relevant groups should objectively study and judge school history and make up-records of important content; earnestly do errata work to avoid "mutilation"; strict selection criteria, and unified character writing styles. He asked the teams to make full use of the winter vacation time, and strive to hold a school history compilation committee meeting as soon as the next semester begins, and basically complete the school history compilation task by the end of 2021.

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