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[resources] Scientific Library open trial notice

[resources] Scientific Library open trial notice

Release time: 11/17/2020-

Article source: Ministry of Resources and Construction

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Introduction of platform

"Science Library" is a platform for the full-text search, online browsing, downloading and borrowing of digital books by Science Publishing House. It is a treasure house of collective wisdom for outstanding scientists. It has won the Highest prize in the Chinese publishing industry -- the "China Government Prize in Publishing". "Library science" to serve the education scientific research institution of professionals for the purpose, to provide professional quality knowledge of digital library resources, efficient and convenient services, satisfy all levels of professionals and the masses of users to authority, classic, the demand of the practical knowledge of science and technology, effectively support the improvement of scientific knowledge and the development of related disciplines. At present, we mainly provide charging services for institutional users and sell them in the form of whole, sub-library or customized resources. All content is not authorized to third parties, to ensure the exclusive use of resources.

The Scientific Library has the following characteristics:

High quality:almost all the award-winning works, works by famous experts, key series, necessary classic monographs and textbooks of all disciplines published by Science press in the past 60 years.

Large capacity:The total number of varieties is more than 53,000, and nearly 3,000 species are updated every year.

Subject: allIt covers all the first-level disciplines of natural sciences, engineering and technical sciences, humanities and social sciences, medical sciences and agricultural sciences, and is divided into two categories according to the Chinese library method and subject areas.

Various types:Including monographs, textbooks, atlas, reports, reference books, popular science, etc., to meet the scientific research, teaching, management, the public and other professional users.

Wide range:Publishing time from 1951 to now.

Document Quality:Original HD PDF format, accurate retention of professional text, graphics, symbols, formulas, etc.

Powerful search:Support title abstract search, full text search, advanced search, and secondary screening, quickly find the required resources.

Full functions:WebPDF technology is used to save online annotations, tags, notes and other information for users and to realize multi-terminal synchronization and sharing, which enhances the convenience of online use.

Easy to use:Multi-terminal adaptation, can be viewed online, can also download read, no concurrent number limit.

Flexible permissions:Support IP address access, but also support the use of limited user accounts.

Information specification:Standard e-book MARC data and metadata, support library online public directory retrieval (OPAC).

Statistical criteria:Provide network electronic resource statistics that meet COUNTER standards.

Multiple choices:It realizes the technical architecture of resource combination and purchase according to subject series and single book, and meets the needs of customized service and user-driven purchase (PDA) of organization customers.

Good service:Regularly publish high-quality articles recommended by public accounts for customers to promote and read among their users.

Method of use

IP address authorization, authorized address can be directly accessed. Resource access Address:点击进入。

Trial Deadline :28 February 2021

If you have any questions during the trial period, please contact the Ministry of Resources and Construction: 84396021.

Note: This database is a trial database. It will be closed after the trial period. Please understand that whether to buy or not will be taken into consideration according to various practical factors such as expenses.

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