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The library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) retired old comrades spontaneously organize the Chongyang Festival climbing activity

The library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) retired old comrades spontaneously organize the Chongyang Festival climbing activity

Release time: 10/21/2020-

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Author: Luo Yuhui

Golden autumn October, autumn is high and fresh. On October 20th, nearly forty retired comrades from the library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) took part in the one-day outdoor activities in the Chishan Lake Wetland Park.

Chishan Lake Wetland Park is located at the junction of Liuhe, Nanjing and Lai'an, Anhui. It is the largest, best-preserved and ecologically best-preserved Chishan Forest in East China. It is also an important habitat for wild birds in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The landscape area has criss-cross rivers, interspersed with land and water, surrounded by water on three sides, beautiful scenery, rich in forest and bird resources, and is known as the "Bird Paradise".

In the staggered and erect lake of the pond firs, the reflection of the shadows of the trees on the clear water forms a stunning clear picture, forming a unique "water forest" landscape; the water plants under the pond firs are also green and red, and Water lilies bloom in the forest, making people feel like they are in a fairy tale world. In the autumn pond, there may be dried lotus plants hanging down, or large tracts of water lilies of different colors in full bloom, quietly presenting the beauty of autumn; flocks of birds stand in the treetops, flapping their wings, and some Just take off, and some just fell; swans in groups are playing leisurely on the large lake; such a pleasant natural environment makes people quiet inexplicably. The retired old comrades walked slowly and spoke softly, for fear that they would startle the low-flying egret and the lightly sleeping autumn lotus. Breathing fresh air and bathing in warm sunshine, everyone's faces were full of smiles, and even the breathing became brisk.

The whole day itinerary is relaxed and comfortable. The old comrades either watched the scenery, took pictures or chatted, and ended the day's activities with laughter and laughter. At the end of the event, everyone took a group photo at the entrance of the park. On the way back, everyone said that the library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) is a new department formed by the merger of several units. Through such activities, it has not only improved the connection between the retired comrades of several units, but also increased the friendship between everyone, which is more beneficial. Physical and mental health, and also feel the collective warmth.

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