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The library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) establishes a volunteer service post

The library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) establishes a volunteer service post

Release time: 10/20/2020-

Article source: Reader Service Department

Author: Wang Chong

In order to strengthen the connection and communication between the library and the general readers, and help new readers get familiar with the library as soon as possible and master the skills of using the library, the library (the Ministry of Cultural Heritage) uses the East Gate Information Desk to set up volunteer service posts.

The library has a volunteer team of more than 140 people from 16 "Nong Xiaotu in the college" QQ group. It is a group of readers who love the library and are enthusiastic about public welfare. They are distributed in all grades of each college. The first batch of volunteer service posts absorbs 10 Volunteers sign up. After passing the training and education, training assessment and pre-job training, the volunteers wear eye-catching volunteer vests and are on duty at the information desk on the first floor of the library to assist in the development of library consulting services, focusing on freshmen Admission consultation, service introduction and daily routine work questions, on-site help freshman readers to familiarize themselves with the use of self-service equipment such as inquiry machines and self-service loan machines.

The Reader Service Department hopes to give full play to the enthusiasm and ability of young readers, and by providing suitable platforms and opportunities, to guide volunteers to become an important student team force after the University Student Reading Association, the work-study team, and the student librarian team. The work and services of the library have come to provide advice and suggestions for the development of the library industry, and at the same time lead more students to understand the library, use the library, fall in love with the library, and give full play to the library’s talent training "three abilities" An important role in.

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