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The library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a new term work conference

The library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a new term work conference

Release date: 09/16/2020-

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On the afternoon of September 15, the library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a new semester work conference. Zhu Shigui, secretary of general Party Branch of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage), Ni Feng, director (minister), Zhang Kun, Deputy secretary of General Party Branch and deputy director (Deputy Minister), Tang Huiyan, Deputy director (Deputy Minister), Kang Min, and all staff attended the meeting, which was presided over by Ni Feng.

This meeting altogether four agenda, one is to convey the school new term general assembly spirit. The second is to announce the party and government division of labor in the library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage). The third is to interpret the two rules and regulations of the Implementation Rules for the First Responsibility System of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage) and the Rules for the Administration of leave of Absence of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage) to the whole library. Fourth, the new semester library (Cultural Heritage Department) administrative work for deployment. Before the meeting, all rise to play the school song (new).

On behalf of the Party and government team of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage), Zhu Shigui expressed his gratitude to all the staff members who have dedicated their duties and worked hard during the summer vacation and who have chosen the library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage) family to stand shoulder to shoulder and stand shoulder to shoulder in the new round of employment. Subsequently, she conveyed the spirit of the school's new semester conference, focusing on the "Unified Thinking firm confidence seize the opportunity to deepen reform -- Accelerate the promotion of the new era school cause high quality consigned development" new semester work report spirit. With our Mission and Mission, Zhu explained the connotation and mission of the new institution of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage). What, she stressed, is the mission of the library? Where should the reformed library (Cultural Heritage Department) go? "To build an information platform, to build information resources, to inherit the achievements of civilization, to create a beautiful environment, and to serve and build a world-class university with agricultural characteristics" is the mission of the current library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage). At the same time, she also expects every librarian to have his own understanding of the library's mission and strive for it. 'We should combine the actual situation of the library (Ministry of Cultural Inheritance) to build a team with four qualities: one is ideal, one is political; Have moral sentiment, speak bear; Three have solid knowledge, talk about contribution; Four have the heart of benevolence, speak of unity. In the future work, we should actively explore the new mode of party branch and post business innovation, strengthen the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, improve the professional level and ability of the cadre team, and enhance the sense of honor, responsibility and belonging of every librarian. Improve the position of party building activities, and further strengthen the party building work training, education and service people's original intention and mission. Finally, she hoped that all colleagues join hands, with good working status and full working spirit to the library (Cultural Heritage Department) in all the work, to truly realize "live up to the expectations of youth, build a better future together!"

Then, Zhang Kun read out the party and government division of labor arrangement of the Library (Cultural Heritage Department); Kang Min and Tang Huiyan respectively interpreted the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the First Responsibility System of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage)" and "Detailed Rules for the management of asking for leave of the Library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage)" to the whole library.

At last, Ni Feng made a plan for the key administrative work of the library (Ministry of Cultural Heritage) in the new semester, which mainly includes ten aspects: first, do well the final summary of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the research and formulation of the 14th five-year Plan, and timely organize and hold the first construction and development forum. Second, the first phase of the smart library and the new archival information system construction, and strive to complete the two tasks of information construction. Third, the director (director) project has been carried out among section-level cadres in an all-round way, and new results and achievements have been made in all aspects of improvement and innovation. Fourth, earnestly organize the revision of "The History of Nanjing Agricultural University" and the compilation of "The Yearbook of Nanjing Agricultural University 2019", and complete the archiving work of the university in 2019 as soon as possible. Fifth, strengthen the construction of fine museum style, ministry style and harmonious and progressive organizational atmosphere, conscientiously implement the two "Detailed Rules" system documents. Sixth, welcome new students (education for new students) and reading promotion under the normal condition of epidemic prevention and control, plan and organize the reading Month in 2020 and the activity of "Rural Library Ambassador". Seventh, we should adjust the procurement of literature resources, optimize the collection structure, and adjust the cataloging of books in Pukou Campus in 2020, so as to further improve the utilization rate of all kinds of database resources and new paper resources. Eighth, do a good job in the listing of the National Intellectual Property Information Service Center, and actively explore new ideas, new contents and new models of intellectual property services, disciplinary services and reference and consulting work. Ninth, do a good job in the maintenance and improvement of the facilities of the Rural Museum and other venues, the construction of relevant websites of the library (Cultural Heritage Department), the planning and implementation of featured cultural activities and other work, and actively participate in the establishment of a civilized campus. Tenth, ensure the safe management and operation of all venues, storerooms, Spaces and resources, especially the safety of electricity and water, ancient books, cultural relics and other precious resources.

"The direction of aspiration is boundless, and the distance between the mountains and the sea is unlimited." The new semester, the new task, the new journey, let us meet the challenge with new attitude, go all out to build the dream in the heart!

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