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The Library (Cultural Heritage Department) holds a reading promotion meeting

The Library (Cultural Heritage Department) holds a reading promotion meeting

Release date: 09/16/2020-

Source: Reading promotion Working Group

Article by Ren Huamei

On the morning of September 15, the library (Cultural Heritage Department) held a meeting on reading promotion of this semester in the conference room on the seventh floor of the library. Zhu Shigui, secretary of general Party Branch of The Library (Cultural Heritage Department), Zhang Kun, deputy secretary of General Party Branch and deputy director (deputy minister), Li Xinquan, office director, Tong Yunjuan, director of reader Service Department, Ding Qing, director of reader service department of Pukou Campus Library, and all members of the reading promotion working group attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Kun.

First of all, Zhang Kun summarized the situation and characteristics of reading promotion carried out by domestic universities and rural organizations, mainly introduced the content of reading promotion work, and emphasized the importance and significance of reading promotion in university work.

Then, Tong Yunjuan introduced the details of this year's reading month activities and the promotion of various activities. According to the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, she formulated two plans, A and B, which were compared and explained, provided to members of the reading promotion team for discussion, and asked for their opinions and Suggestions on the plans. The participants had a serious discussion on the theme of the reading month, the time and place of the opening ceremony and other details, and put forward good Suggestions.

Zhu Shigui concluded that the activities of reading month should be determined as soon as possible the theme of the program and the overall framework of the series of activities, the activity schedule, the person in charge of each activity put forward specific requirements for the follow-up activities, I hope that we can organize and carry out the work step by step. She also suggested that the theme of reading month should be close to the overall requirements of campus cultural construction. In combination with the actual situation that students cannot leave the campus at will, the original theme "reading Jinling" should be changed into "reading Nannong". With the focus on propagating the history and culture of the school and the quality of Nannong, the reading of all teachers and students should be organized to improve their cultural quality.

Finally, Zhang Kun put forward his hope on the opinions and Suggestions put forward by all of you. He hope every member of the team are actively involved in, together, the old and new, two schemes are fusion, ideas, and more people participate in this meaningful work, innovative reading promotion form, will study the essence of culture and campus culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, form a good study atmosphere, boost library (heritage) make a distinctive "abdomen has fuhai gas from China" brand of campus culture activities.

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