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Notice about library updating and upgrading equipment

Notice about library updating and upgrading equipment

Post time: 07/20/2020-

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In order to cooperate with the upgrade and renovation of campus card, the library will upgrade and transform the access control system, the huiwen system, the self-help borrowing and returning machine and the self-service printing system in batch from now on.

After the new campus card is launched on July 25, 2020, all readers will use the new virtual campus card to enter and exit the library and borrow books, and the original campus card will no longer be used.

Due to the renovation of access control equipment, readers who hold non-campus card library CARDS are requested to cooperate with the gatekeeper to register in the library. The lending function will not be affected temporarily.

During the upgrade period, the library's self-help borrowing and returning machine and printing equipment are suspended. Readers can borrow and return books at the general information desk in the middle hall on the second floor. Please pay attention to the notice on the device or the library homepage notice.

If you have any questions in the use of the new campus card, please consult the Information Construction Center, tel: 84396018 or 84395733.

Please understand the inconvenience caused.


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