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[resources]Wiley lab guide database opens trial notice

[resources]Wiley lab guide database opens trial notice


Release date: 11/19/2019

Source: ministry of resources construction

Author: zhang qian


Introduction of platform

Wiley Current Protocols has been the primary source of lab science reports for more than 20 years and has now published 17 volumes, including molecular biology, the 29-year old ancestor of the lab guide, a collection of 18,000 peer-reviewed, regularly updated step-by-step lab procedures. Wiley Current separate Protocols of the content is mainly composed of 17 editorial board carefully selected and to evaluate the more than 70 outstanding scientists, as well as from around the world more than 7700 the authoritative research scholar in the field of writing articles, many of them come from the national academy of sciences, the European academy of sciences, the royal Swedish academy of sciences and the royal society, there are also many Nobel Prize winner. All content is peer-reviewed and indexed by Scopus and PubMed. Among the top 100 ESI disciplines in clinical medicine, molecular biology & genetics, biology & biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, zoology & zoology, environment & ecology, pharmacology & toxicology, behavioral neuroscience, 25-30% are all users of Wiley Current Protocols. These include Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University and Columbia University. Sweden's Karolinska Institute and others also include the world's two famous laboratories -- Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, and two top biopharmaceutical companies PFIZER of the United States and Merck of Germany. Wiley Current Protocols' applications range from molecular biology to biomedicine to biochemistry to agriculture. Each lab guide keeps a record of the experimental process at different stages and is updated four times a year with at least 500 pages of content per year to ensure that each book reflects the latest developments in its field.


Method of use

IP address authorization, authorization address can be directly accessed. Resource access address: click enter.


Trial deadline: January 31, 2020


Please contact the ministry of resources construction at 84396021 if you have any questions during the trial period.


Note: this database is trial database, trial period will be closed. Please understand that whether to buy it or not will be subject to various practical factors such as expenses.

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