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Notice on carrying out fire simulation and actual combat drill in north building of library

Notice on carrying out fire simulation and actual combat drill in north building of library


Release time: 11/05/2019

Source: office



Dear teachers and students,

The library is an important place for teachers and students to read and study. Once the fire occurs in the library, it is easy to cause great loss of life and property. In order to further improve the fire prevention awareness of the majority of teachers, students and staff, and enhance the ability of emergency response and escape in case of sudden fire, the security department and the library jointly carried out fire simulation and actual combat drills. Specific arrangements are as follows:


I. time: 15:00- 16:00 on November 8.

Location: north building of the library.

Iii. Contents: fire fighting, rescue, evacuation and escape simulated actual combat.

Welcome teachers, students and staff to participate in the simulation of the actual combat activities, familiar with the evacuation path, master the escape essentials. There will be a siren in the library. Please don't panic.


Notes for drilling:

1. North building readers please actively participate in, cooperate with and follow the guidance and command of the staff;

2. Take mobile phones, wallets and other valuables with you, and put other items in their original places.

3. After the drill starts, please follow the guidance of the staff, evacuate in a calm and orderly manner.

4. Evacuate the safety zone (assembly place) in the east gate square of the library, and finish the drill after receiving comments and guidance from fire safety experts.


It is hereby announced that

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