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[resources]Notice on the opening of China population census database (one year after its opening)

[resources]Notice on the opening of China population census database (one year after its opening)


Release date: 01/11/2019

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Introduction of platform

China census database is a full-text database of census data and a census data analysis system based on the previous censuses of the statistical departments of the Chinese government.

1. Data source: census statistics officially authorized by China statistical publishing house.

2. Year of inclusion: 1982 to present.

3. Total number of publications: China census database publishes the data of previous censuses of the statistical department of the Chinese government in the form of the original full text and Excel data, with a total of 151 kinds and 330 volumes. Second, more than 410,000 census statistics indicators were published in the form of numerical knowledge elements (indicators).

4. Classification system: all census data can be classified according to provincial administrative divisions and census years.

5. Legitimacy of publication: all the materials included are authorized by the publishing unit.


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