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The western biography of middle school and BBS of European Chinese studies are held in our school

The western biography of middle school and BBS of European Chinese studies are held in our school



source: nenong NEWS -NJAU NEWS

author: qian zheng


From November 2 to 4, BBS, the western biography of middle school and the third China nanjing classics translation and overseas Chinese studies, was held in nanjing agricultural university. Classics translation this meeting by nanjing agricultural university and overseas sinology research center, nanjing agricultural university school of foreign languages, "international sinology" magazine, cultural translation and communication research center in China, foreign languages institute, nanjing agricultural university, nanjing agricultural university and overseas sinology classics translation research center, national universities overseas sinology research institute, Beijing foreign studies university and people-to-people and cultural exchanges more civilized higher institutes to provide academic guidance. More than 100 experts from all over the country conducted 18 conference speeches and three BBS exchanges.


The theme of this high-level BBS is the history of western biography and translation in middle school. Key issues include early missionaries in China Sinologist character/translation case studies, translation activities "middle west preach" translation principles, strategies and methods of research, "etiquette dispute" in the translation of Chinese and western problem and its impact study, interpret Confucian classics in the early missionaries universal values with the Chinese culture to the influence of the enlightenment, researches sent missionaries to classic interpretation of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and leibniz and Hegel's yi-ology study, early missionaries translated the west cross medicine culture and its impact in Europe, the image of China in the early missionaries interpretation and rise early sinology in Europe, based on the European sinology three tomes translation of classical Chinese culture propagation path and influence research Research on the cultural exchange between China and the west in the Ming and qing dynasties and the research on the history of Chinese translation, the modern enlightenment of the cultural exchange between China and the west in the Ming and qing dynasties and the construction of the discourse system with Chinese characteristics.


The opening ceremony of BBS on the morning of November 3 was hosted by professor wang yinquan, director of BBS and director of the translation and overseas Chinese research center of nanjing agricultural university. Nanjing agricultural university vice-chancellor professor Hu Feng delivered a speech on behalf of nanjing agricultural university, this paper briefly introduces the history, current situation of the development of our school and discipline advantage, and said that the BBS held positive response to the demand for the development of many national strategy, especially in promoting human destiny community construction under the background of global governance strategy in building China's international voice.


In his speech, professor yan guodong, vice President of national overseas Chinese studies research institute, chief expert of national social science fund and dean of the school of foreign languages of nankai university, praised highly the achievements made by the translation of classics of nanjing agricultural university and overseas Chinese studies research center since its establishment. Culture and tourism translation and communication research center, the executive director of Chinese culture in his speech, professor Xu Baofeng introduced the world's largest dynamic Sinologist and translator talent database construction and Chinese culture outside of the project, called for the leading scholars in our country a better voice in the international discourse system, to promote Chinese culture in overseas and promote better. Professor wang yinquan was also appointed by xu baofeng as the chairman of the committee. Han qi, deputy director of the institute of the history of natural science of the Chinese academy of sciences, Shared his understanding of the western biography of the middle school in his speech and placed great hopes on the academic newcomers.


In 3, on the morning of the conference keynote, nankai university professor Yan Guodong pointed out that foreign language students should have more broad academic vision, give full play to their own advantage of foreign language, action, preferring to at the same time of enriching the connotation of the foreign language subject, for our country's unique contributions to the overseas Chinese studies, and to cultivate high-level international sinology research talents effort. Han qi, a researcher from the institute of the history of natural science of the Chinese academy of sciences, analyzed the manuscript of the book of changes of the bai jin dynasty in Europe, and believed that kangxi's interest in the history of the yi dynasty was influenced by the studies on the image-number of the bai jin, thus providing a new perspective for the study of academic history, Confucianism and the history of scientific relations in the early qing dynasty. Professor xu baofeng, professor of Chinese cultural translation and communication research center of the ministry of culture and tourism, made a profound analysis of "east learning and west spreading", and proposed that contemporary Chinese culture in the western world should be a gradual process of acceptance and communication and problems in the process, and pointed out that the focus of sinology in the future is in China. Professor wang jiankai of fudan university explained in detail the important events in the process of the west gradual process of the han book and the process of the west spread of the han book and the rise of overseas sinology. Professor gu jun from Beijing foreign studies university took the translation and introduction of Lou lihua's book of songs and wei sanwei's translation and introduction of liaozhai as the entry point, and discussed the contribution of American early missionaries to Chinese literature. Professor si jia, history department of fudan university, interprets Chinese civilization from the perspective of western experts by combining his translation of donnby's China chronicle.


In the afternoon speech of the conference, professor li jiangang of shandong university, professor wang keming of xiamen institute of technology, professor sang zhonggang of xi 'an jiaotong university, associate professor li zhen of Beijing foreign studies university, professor tan yuan of huazhong university of science and technology and professor zhang yong of tongling university respectively exchanged their research themes. In the following three BBS exchange speeches, the participants held more extensive and in-depth discussions, and many doctoral students also published their opinions and research experience on the translation of the western biography of middle school in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.


On the morning of November 4, this BBS conference continues. Professor zhang xiping, President of the national overseas Chinese studies association and President of the institute of comparative civilization and humanities exchange of Beijing foreign studies university, introduced the western spread of Chinese cultural classics and the influence of Chinese cultural classics on Europe in the 16th and 18th centuries, and discussed two different influences of Chinese culture on the European enlightenment movement. Yu Lin, professor of southwest jiaotong university, has deeply analyzed the reason why jesuits in China attach more importance to Confucianism than to tao. Professor li yuliang of Qingdao university of science and technology pointed out that pragmatism is of worldwide significance for the development and dissemination of Confucianism. Luo tian, an associate professor at chongqing jiaotong university, introduced the case study of zhai linnai. With the help of hermeneutics, professor Yang ping of zhejiang foreign languages university analyzed the translation and interpretation of "yuan Henry zhen". Translation texts of nanjing agricultural university and the founding director of overseas sinology research center by jesuits in China at the beginning of the qing dynasty and professor Wang Yinquan Domingo for contribution to civilisation "middle school" as an example, this paper discusses the jesuit mission adaptive route for cultural role in promoting science and technology communication, evaluate the "middle west preach" promote sinology born and its modern significance. He advocated taking this research opportunity to clarify the source of cultural and scientific exchanges between China and the west and the context of sinology, clarify the universal significance and contribution of Chinese culture to world culture, completely get rid of the western centrism that observes and views the world through the selection mechanism, and strive to view the internal characteristics of Chinese and foreign culture and civilization fairly and objectively.


In his concluding speech at the closing ceremony, professor zhang xiping affirmed the achievements made by overseas sinology research so far, and said that this time the high school xichuan and European sinology research high-level BBS achieved the expected goal, which gave us many inspirations. At the same time, he pointed out the key and difficult points in overseas sinology research, and put forward relevant Suggestions, and finally expressed expectations for the spread of overseas sinology and the development of young scholars.



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