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Wanfang Data opening season, @ you, three gifts, please sign.

Wanfang Data opening season, @ you, three gifts, please sign.



Release time: 09/27/2018

article provenance: research support department

article author: Zhang Bin


@you, three, open season, please sign.

Wanfang's data season has been with teachers and students for fifth years. Every year, WanFang sends his wishes and surprises to all of his classmates wholeheartedly.

This year, let's take a lucky draw with our friends, and repeat the three season.

Activity time

12 noon on September 17, 2018, 26 noon on -10, 12 noon.

Active object

All teachers and students in mainland China

Participatory approach

Download Wanfang Data APP, participate in activities

Three good manners


Good Li 1: Wanfang resource card

Download Wanfang Data APP, register login to enter the activity page, you can get 50 yuanWanfang resource card.


This card can be used for browsing and downloading Wanfang Data knowledge service platform.


- three steps.

Step1: scanning two-dimensional code or landing APP Store search Wanfang Data APP two-dimensional code


Step 2: enters Wanfang Data APP, clicks "mine", login account.



Step 3: click the APP suspension window and enter the activity page to get Wanfang resource card.



Good manners two: lucky draw.

Participate in activities, complete daily tasks, and win lottery opportunities, you will have the opportunity to draw Huawei mobile phone, kindle, rechargeable treasure, Mango TV membership (season card) and so on.



Good manners three: seize the championship and win the opening ceremony.

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During the activity, take part in 1v1 online knowledge competition and answer, win the opponent, win points, seize the League table, school ceremony and so on you take!


So many plays in the opening season? Pay attention to Wanfang Data public number, Xiaobian take you on the high speed! More prizes, falling regularly during the event, not paying attention?


Special Description: the picture is for reference only. The prize must be in kind.

The ultimate right of interpretation of this activity is Wanfang Data Limited by Share Ltd.


Click on the link rules below to participate in the challenge.

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