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1902 Information Commons is a concept of an environment friendly physical space. Newly established in 2013, 1902 Information Commons are made up of light reading area,multi-media area,private rooms,ipad area,and leisure area . With 30 seats in this area, light reading area catches your eyes first when stepping into the room. Private rooms will be not available unless you make a reservation in advance. Ipad area is a small area with the latest mode of ipads which facilitate your online internet. Shaping into eggshells, leisure area provides two styling chairs. Multi-media area is equipped with a home theater. You can appreciate movies while reading books.Reading, discussions, seminars, internet surfing and drinking coffee are all welcome!

Light Reading Area

 Light reading area

Private Rooms

Private rooms


 IPAD area

Leisure Area

 leisure area

Multi-Media Area

 multi-media area

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